Association "Tatavaka" consists of a group of activists and volunteers committed to promoting a culture of sustainable living, the transition of our society to a circular economy and the protection of the living world. Gathered initially around the "Plastic free Zlarin" initiative launched in 2018, we slowly expanded our mandate towards education of all generations and segments of society on the climate and biodiversity crisis. We work on supporting the transition of small island and school communities towards plastic free, sustainable living and learning spaces.

We are registered as a non-profit which according to Croatian Law on Associations (Official Journal NN 74/14, 70/17, 98/19) allows us to apply for government and private sector funding through donations.

People behind the name
Volunteer work is an important segment of civil society. Education and work with young people occupy a central place in our association. Since the launch of the initiative "Plastic free Zlarin", our volunteers have been working with the local community in Zlarin, organizing educational workshops and socio-cultural events, translating educational materials and working on communication and social networking. We are also gathering a growing circle of people interested in climate action and facilitators of the "Climate Collage" workshop .