DROPS - Design And Re-engagement of Public Water Sources on The Island of Zlarin

Regaining the sense of wonder for the natural resources of the island of Zlarin as gifts given to us and upon which we depend.

As of 1st June 2023 association Tatavaka is conducting, in partnership with the City of Šibenik and Zlarin Tourist Board, a co-creation of public space through citizen engagement project DROPS - Design And Re-engagement of Public Water Sources on The Island of Zlarin.

The main objective of the DROPS project is re-valorization of water systems and the water basin on the Island through community engagement achieved by knowledge sharing of water use sustainable models between local residents, students, civil society stakeholders and experts, through a participatory workshop process and expert lectures from the perspectives of urban planning, biodiversity, cultural landscape, folk customs and others. In addition to the workshops, a clean-up action will be organized, as well as the installation of thematically relevant works of art and a public faucet which will ensure available drinking water for all residents and visitors of Zlarin.


  • lectures by experts on geography and urban planning of the Island (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
  • Zlarin in the context of climate change - workshop
  • research of water systems and water basin on the Island
  • drywall construction workshop
  • lecture on the mythology of Lokvica
  • participatory land art workshop
  • workshop on wild edible plants of Zlarin
  • presentation of a movie on water supply system of Zlarin
  • lectures by experts on the topics of hydrology and water in public space
  • round table on research and valorization of water resources in the area of Šibenik and the Šibenik archipelago
  • volunteer clean-up action of traditional rainwater harvesting system
  • installation of a public faucet
  • final conference of the Project (presentation of the project and its results)


04. - 08.10.2023.

Where does the water flow?

- workshop on mapping, interpretation and creation of new solutions and narratives

20. - 22.10.2023.

How does the landscape speak?

- land art workshop and lectures on mythology

04. - 05.11.2023.

Where does water come from and what to do with it?

- lectures and a volunteer clean-up action

16. - 17.12.2023.

What next?

- presentation of project results


In the described manner this project embodies the values of sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics by reaching the local community, Zlarin islanders and the citizens of Šibenik, waking up their potential through contact with the outside experts and creation of space to showcase their own expertise regarding the theme of water on the island of Zlarin.

Lead partner: Association Tatavaka
Partners: City of Šibenik
Zlarin Tourist Board
Project duration: 01.06.2023. - 31.12.2023.

EIT Community New European Bauhaus project DROPS - Design And Re-engagement of Public Water Sources on The Island of Zlarin is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.