Mutual support and cooperation are fundamental principles of Tatavaka's community work. Be it in local community circles in Zlarin and Šibenik area, or in wider, thematically connected communities of related organizations throughout Croatia, it is important for us to act on the principle of openness and respect for the ideas and achievements of people and organizations around us. We are deeply convinced that forming connections and exchanging ideas and experiences is the only right way to seek answers to the multiple crises of our time.

We are proud of the partner organizations with which we work in synchrony while implementing our programs:

  • Tourist Board Zlarin
  • Association “La Révolution Albatros”, France
  • Initiative “Scientists for Climate Croatia”
  • Association “Together for Krapanj”, Krapanj Island
  • Tourist Board Krapanj-Brodarica
  • Association “Otok”, Prvić Island
  • “Amateur Culture Association Žirje”, Prvić Island
  • Association “The Carbon Literacy Project”, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Association “Renaissance Écologique”, Nantes, France

The implementation of our educational programs is made possible by open, creative and hard-working collectives of a growing number of schools throughout Croatia, as well as several higher education institutions:

  • Classical Senior School, Zagreb
  • Senior School Matija Antun Reljković, Vinkovci
  • Technical School Nikola Tesla, Vukovar
  • Senior School Županja
  • Senior School Antun Vrančić, Šibenik
  • Elementary School Meterize, Šibenik and Zlarin
  • Senior School Velika Gorica
  • Senior School Zlatar
  • Elementary School Janko Leskovar, Pregrada
  • Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb
  • Several other elementary and senior schools which opened their doors to us and whose teachers participate in our educational programmes and apply the skills and knowledge gained in their classrooms.

Our network would be far less colourful be it not for the collaborating organizations with which we design and implement part of our trainings and other program activities:

  • Municipality Board Zlarin
  • “Parents and Kids Association Bodulići”, Zlarin
  • Firefighting Brigades Zlarin
  • Association “Life Potential” (Zagreb)
  • Šibenik Youth Association Š.U.M.
  • Fortress of Culture (Šibenik)
  • Youth Centre Ribnjak (Zagreb)
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Zagreb)

Apart from a purely donor relationship, we have also developed a creative, mutually supportive partnership with a number of public bodies, through the joint implementation of activities aimed at achieving common goals:

  • City of Šibenik, Administrative Department for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development
  • British Embassy Zagreb
  • Agency for Mobility and European Union Programs
  • Embassy of the Republic of France in Croatia
  • Office of Tonino Picula, Member of the European Parliament


Although Tatavaka is based mostly on volunteer work, we are slowly building a small professional team that ensures our continuity and guarantees the quality of our work. Funds for the implementation of our programmes are provided by a growing number of donors. We are proud of the fact that we have developed a relationship with a significant number of them that goes far beyond the financial component, enabling us to multiply our results in the communities in which we commonly operate.

A heartfelt Thank you goes to:

  • British Embassy Zagreb
  • Programme BeMed – Beyond Plastic in Mediterranean
  • Agency for Mobility and European Union Programs
  • Embassy of the Republic of France in Croatia
  • World Wildlife Fund Adria
  • City of Šibenik
  • Šibenik-knin County
  • dm-drogerie markt d.o.o. Croatia