Climate Collage

Climate Collage is a scientific, interactive and creative workshop designed to introduce you to the phenomenon of climate change, the consequences they already cause and the risks our society faces if we continue to live in an unsustainable way. It is designed to make people aware of the problem of climate change in a fun and accessible way.

Educational and based on scientific facts provided by the IPCC, it allows people to quickly understand how climate works and what are the causes and consequences of climate disorders. Climate Collage develops the creativity and dialogue between participants while increasing awareness of the emotional reactions associated with the acquired knowledge. It encourages participants to question their own role in the emergence and resolution of the climate crisis.

By participating in the Climate Collage workshop, participants learn about the complexities of climate change, gain a comprehensive overview of this major problem, and learn how to act effectively to drive the necessary change.

This educational tool was designed and distributed by Cédric Ringenbach, under a Creative Commons license. The spread of the game is encouraged by the French organization La Fresque du Climat. So far almost 140.000 people worldwide played the Collage and the goal is to sensitize at least 1.000.000 people overall.

In Croatia the game is distributed and spread by Association Tatavaka in partnership with Association La Révolution Albatros. For additional information please contact us via

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