Emancipated and United in Regenerative Education for Climate Action

Project EUREKA is a capacity building project focused on answering the following question:

How do we open up spaces in our communities for engaging, inclusive and action oriented conversations on climate change?

By implementing the EURECA project, associations Green Transition from Serbia and Tatavaka from Croatia want to create new spaces for communication on climate change that seriously affects people’s lives and the interaction of human society and the living world. In order to create such spaces, new educational processes are needed to learn about the processes and consequences of climate change on people, our planet and the entire living world. These educational processes are aimed at developing a critical and emancipatory reflection on the role of people and the living world on Earth, their interaction and interdependence. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say, human dependence on the mineral and living world for survival.

  • What is the true role of man in the biosphere and how to carry out the transition from an exploitative way of treating the biosphere to a harmonious coexistence within the biosphere, together with all other elements of that living system?
  • What kind of knowledge is needed for such a transition?
  • How to perform this spiritual and worldview turn?
  • What challenges occur along the way and how to deal with them in the time and space we live in?

These are some of the questions to which this project wishes, through research with all interested individuals, to give its modest contribution and thus participate in the creation of a new narrative and awareness of the changes that are essential to initiate in order for our species to continue its existence on this planet.

The main goal of this project is an attempt to create a space for a new type of education and educational processes in which the participation and presence of all involved is far more important than the content of the education itself. We are all part of the solution and the problem, and expression of everyone's opinion and contribution is important in order to create a community of conscious and responsible people who want to cultivate a different relationship with nature and the living world.

The project EURECA lasts for two years and evolves through several phases: from internal education and training for members of the project partner associations, to sharing the experience of the Climate Fresk workshop with citizens, environmental organizations, representatives of the media and political parties, from working with experts on climate and communication issues to the creation of a regional online school on climate crisis, from a manual for climate change communication to the presentation of the workshop Ecological Renaissance Fresk, which points to possible answers to the state of the climate crisis as a symptom of a deep, systemic and generational problem that calls us to overcome it.

Project objectives:

  • to improve organizational skills of project partners to be more able to contribute to the urgency of problem solving directed at climate change and related fields (notably climate education and facilitating sound climate action among citizens);
  • to improve partners’ communication and soft skills practices when addressing climate change issues in the public space;
  • to increase citizens’, NGOs’ and institutions’ awareness and understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of various topics and issues forming part of the climate change process.

Main activities:

  • Introducing the Climate Fresk method to the Green Transition and Serbian context
  • Communication skills training for education on climate change / preparation of the online school and climate change educators guide
  • Climate change and sustainability online school
  • The Fresco of Ecological Renaissance method introduction and training
  • Production of the climate change educators guide

Main outcomes:

  • improved organizational infrastructure as a firm basis capacity building of project partners to deliver high quality work in the field of climate change education and communication;
  • innovative, structured and standardized educational programs of project partners on climate change, adapted to the local context;
  • improved skill sets of project partners to communicate climate crisis effectively, to solicit information from the learners and integrate feedback into project partners’ programs, to be able to create public space for the participation of various stakeholders in the process of discovering what the climate change crisis is and what their role in it might be,
  • raised citizens’/online course participants’ awareness on the aspects and issues of the climate change crisis.
Lead partner: Green Transition
Partner: Association Tatavaka
Project duration: 31.12.2022. - 30.12.2024.

The project Emancipated and United in Regenerative Education for Climate Action (E.U.R.E.C.A!) is co-financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ KA2 programme in the amount of 60.000,00 EUR.