"Plastic free Zlarin" initiative

The purpose and goal of our initiative

In 2018 Zlarin community has set off on a transitional journey with a vision of becoming the first island in the Adriatic free of single-use plastic. The journey was started as an endeavour of the local community instigated by "Plastic free Zlarin" initiative volunteers, in partnership with the French association La Révolution Albatross. During the first year of the initiative, we almost completely eliminated single-use plastic from the island shops and cafes and started applying the European Union Single-use Plastic Directive (at least) 2 years before it enters into force in the rest of Croatia.

Custodian of the Initiative: Association "Tatavaka", Zlarin


  • Tourist Board Zlarin
  • Municipality Board Zlarin
  • Zlarin caterers and shop owners
  • Zlarin civil society (Firefighters Brigade, Yacht Club Zlarin, Association Bodulići, Cultural and Art Society "Coral") and, of course,
  • La Révolution Albatross.

Main results achieved from 2018. until today

  • From summer 2018 till summer 2019, about 162,000 single-use plastic items were eliminated from consumption on the island of Zlarin.
  • News of Zlarin as the first plastic-free island in Croatia reached 37 million people worldwide, and contributed to the global conversation on plastic pollution (according to MediaNET analysis).
  • Zlarin was awarded the label "Small Sustainable Island - in progress" by the organization SMILO, based on which in 2021 ~23,000 EUR were invested in the purchase of composting machinery for the island
  • Cooperation established with primary and secondary schools throughout Croatia, to whose we told the story of Zlarin's journey towards the first community without single-use plastic.
  • We are especially proud of a number of recognitions and awards we have received for our efforts, including the National Geographic Yellow Frame Award (Life Underwater category), the International Good Lobby Award (Citizen Lobbyist category), the Šibenik-Knin County Golden Boula, special recognition at the Croatian Tourism Days 2019
  • The story of Zlarin entered one of the school textbooks for Croatian language (5th grade), as an inspirational story on our role and responsibility in protecting our planet.

Future plans and nexts steps

  • Launching the Plastic free Archipelago in July 2021. – first step: Krapanj Island
  • Launching the virtual online community of small plastic free (island) places, developing and using a common brand based on Plastic free Zlarin model
  • Connecting with broader topics related to sustainable island life - from waste management onwards

More information at https://bezplastike.eu

The Tatavaka Association is a beneficiary of the institutional support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development for the stabilization and/or development of the association.

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